Frequently Asked Questiosn

  • What is M-C CCA?
  • We are a group of local volunteers interested in promoting the performing arts. Our non-profit organization is a member of a network of 300 others, stretching across the United States. This network allows us to book internationally known musicians, dancers, singers and other professional entertainers,(who have performed on the world's major stages...Carnegie Hall, The Lincoln Center, the alice Chandler Pavilion) right here, to the King Fine Arts Center in Burley. Mini-Cassia community Concerts Ass'n. been organized continuously in this area since 1946, bringing enjoyable, family entertainment to the Mini-cassia area.

  • Fees
  • Our membership fees are: $50.00 per adult; $20.00 per student; $140.00 per family (this price includes sales tax). Folks buying a Family Membership need to list names and ages of each child in the family, so that each person can be issued his/her own card. We recommend, for the enjoyment of all attending the concerts, that babies should not be brought at all, and children age five or six and under should not be brought until they are old enough to sit quietly through a two hour concert.

  • Transferability
  • Memberships ARE transferable. If a member is unable to attend a particular concert, he may loan his card to a neighbor or friend. We are happy to have the auditorium filled.

  • Why do we encourage season membership?
  • In order to bring in the professional caliber of entertainment which we do, we must have membership fees collected in advance of the season. With a budget then established, we can make our selections for the various artists(a year in advance). This would not be possible if we had to rely solely on good attendance at each concert. Although we encourage and rely on season membership, a limited number of tickets to the individual concerts will be available at the door for $25 (adult), $10 (student), $70 (family).

  • Where and when do Community Concerts meet?
  • Our concerts are all held in the King Fine Arts Center, at Burley High School. The DATES of the performances are set for us by the individual groups and differ from season to season, being held all nights of the week except Sundays. We do not have reserved seating---our policy is "first come, first seated." The doors are usually open at 7:00 pm with concerts beginning at 7:30 pm. Our concert season runs from fall to spring.

  • Community Concerts Work force
  • We have a staff of about 35 volunteer workers, and always welcome anyone who might have interest in the arts, to join our work force. Workers may earn their own memberships by selling eight memberships to other people. A worker may earn up to five memberships which may be used by him, his family, or given away to friends.

  • Appropriate dress for performances
  • The Mount Harrison Heritage Foundation, which is largely responsible for the creation of the King Fine Arts Center (KFAC) at Burley High School, has an Auxiliary, providing ushering for each of the performances scheduled in the KFAC. The auxiliary recommends patrons come dressed in "Sunday Best," rather than overly casual. They like it when men (and ladies) remove their hats when entering the hall, out of courtesy of those sitting behind them.

  • What do I do if I've lost my membership card?
  • Don't let that keep you from coming to the concert! But it's best to call before the concert (678-1798) and get a new one issued.

  • When I send my check in for a membership, why do I have to wait so long to get my membership card?
  • We send out our brochure announcing the new fall season early in the springtime. We do that to encourage folks who haven't joined before, to come and attend that last concert of the current season, as a free concert, if they will join for the upcoming season at the same time. Therefore, checks for the "new" season which begins in the fall start coming as early as April and May. And we are grateful for this, because this money helps us keep up with our bills which are year-round.

    Unfortunately, early payment can create confusion (have I paid or not???) when we ask folks to send in their money so far in advance of the new season, and we apologize for this. However, we save time and effort, as well as considerable postage, by making just one bulk mailing, of the cards and the reciprocity listing, in the fall, in time for the first concert. We also find that sometimes folks misplace their cards if we mail them out several months before they will be used.