For over sixty years the Mini-Cassia Community Concerts Association has been bringing legends of the concert hall and opera stage to the Magic Valley. To continue this tradition of excellence, we need your help. We are a member-supported organization, with no paid workers or staff. By this means we are able to bring high quality performances to our area, at a very reasonable cost, and all funds generated go towards this end. However, memberships alone aren't quite enough to meet the ever increasing operating costs we experience such as rental of our meeting hall, concert preparation fees, piano rental/tuning fees, postage and supplies and other expenses.

Mini-Cassia Community Concerts Association has the IRS 501 (c) 3 designation, indicating tax exempt status, so donations made to our organization are tax-deductable. Your name or the name of your business joins the list of other community minded folks who support the arts, and is printed on the flyers accompanying the programs passed out at every concert in each season's series.

Donations may be made, and are appreciated, in any amount.
Sponsor, $1000 or more
Patron, $500 or more
Contributor, $100 or more
Supporter, $50 or more
Friend, $25 or more

Checks may be made payable to Mini-Cassia Community Concerts Association and mailed to:
Community Concerts
c/o 991 Sandy Glen Lane
Burley, ID 83318

Sponsoring a Concert

When a person or organization sponsors a concert in the Mini-Cassia Community Concerts series, by making a donation in the amount of $1000.00, Mini-Cassia Community Concerts will do the following:

1. A poster will be displayed on an easel in the KFAC lobby on the night of the concert, indicating the name of the sponsor.

2. The sponsoring business or individual will be recognized from the stage on that night.

3. The printed program for that concert will list the sponsor's name.

4. Sponsors will receive 10 individual or "single" tickets to the concert which they sponsor.

5. An ad will be run in at least one local newspaper announcing the sponsorship of the upcoming concert.

6. We will provide a written receipt for the amount of the donation and we will document our tax exempt charitable status.